About Dave

Born and raised in Florida, Dave Homcy moved to Hawaii, following his passion for surf cinematography and photography.

After twenty years in the film business, working on notable projects such as "Shelter", "A Broke Down Melody", "Come Hell Or High Water" and the TV shows "Lost" and "Hawaii 5-0", Dave is still living his dream, traveling around the world with like-minded surfers, and experiencing different cultures.

Production Credits

Director of Photography

Fish People Beyond The Surface                                                        A Broke Down Melody  
Come Hell, Or High Water
El Mar, Mi Alma
Jack Daniels: The Story Of Old No. 7 Jack Johnson: You Can't Control It
Jack Johnson: Breakdown                                         Jack Johnson: I Got You                                             Jack Johnson: Live In Japan
Jack Johnson: You and Your Heart
Eddie Vedder: Longing To Belong
One Track Mind
Sliding Liberia
Surfwise: The Story Of The Paskowitz Family             Zac Brown Band  


50 First Dates
Along Came Polly
Blue Crush
Dragon Fly
Father Damien: A Molokai Story
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Pearl Harbor
Riding Giants
Tears Of The Sun
The Big Bounce
The Present
Tropic Thunder


Baywatch Hawaii
Hawaii 5-0
Iconoclast: Eddie Vedder & Laird Hamilton
John From Cinncianitti
North Shore                                                                Vice: Mark Healy                                                          Spin Magazine                                                        Outside T.V.  



Outter Known                                                               Yeti                                                                          Corona                                                                      Bureo                                                                                    Chia Co.                                                                    Chevy                                                                  Billabong
California Tourism
Ford - Go. Do.
Indah Clothing
P.S.A. - Anti-Smoking
Range Rover - SFX
Steve And Barry's: Wonderwall, Laird Hamilton

Dave Homcy

Dave Homcy


Beyond The Surface

Best Cinematography                                                                                          2014 San Diego Surf Film Festival

Come Hell Or High Water

Best Cinematography
2011 New York Surf Film Festival
2011 London Surf Film Festival
2011 Surfer Poll Awards

El Mar, Mi Alma

Best Cinematography
2012 Yallingup Surf Film Festival

Peoples Choice Award Best Short
2010 San Sebastion Surfilm Festibal

1st Place Short
2010 Hawaiian Ocean Film Festival

The Present

Best Cinematography
2009 Surfer Poll Awards

Sliding Liberia

Grand Prize
2008 Alpinist Film Festival

All Aboard The Crazy Train

Best Cinematography
2006 X-Dance Film Festival

A Broke Down Melody

Best Cinematography
2005 Surfer Poll Awards

The Bruce Movie

Best Picture
2005 Surfer Poll Awards


Best Cinematography
2002 Surfer Poll Awards